BlackBerry CEO likens IBM-Apple deal to elephants dancing

BlackBerry CEO likens IBM-Apple deal to elephants dancing

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John Chen
BlackBerry CEO John Chen in an interview with the Financial Times has drawn an analogy of two elephants dancing while referring to the deal between Apple and IBM to offer iDevices with corporate applications.

Chen also said that BlackBerry has all the resources required to impact the market with an equally potential deal and it just has to find a company that would enter into a partnership with it.

Though Chen did not mention anything about what kind of a deal is in his mind, analysts have expressed opinion that a tie up with Oracle, SAP or Samsung could benefit BlackBerry.


Information Systems Lecturer Joe Compeau of the Ivey Business School said that both SAP and Oracle make security a top priority and so a partnership with BlackBerry would be a “natural fit”.

BlackBerry share prices saw a drop of 11.5 percent after the deal was announced. With plans to cover the government agencies and businesses, BlackBerry tried to mend its business strategies and regain its lost position it enjoyed in the smartphone market earlier.

However, the company had to take a blow from its rivals such as Apple and brands offering Android phones which gained dominance over time.

BlackBerry has recently moved its BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to the cloud making it the first ever service which is completely on the cloud. With the introduction of this service, customers will not have to have separate BES10 servers.

A few industry analysts say that a tie up between Dell and BlackBerry could be beneficial as both companies are trying to gain a strong foothold in the software front.


However, both companies have not shared their plans about a potential tie-up. Notably, the two runner-ups have had a deal in the past which was successful and so entering into a deal could be beneficial to both companies.


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